Simpsons Road Rage

Simpsons Road Rage is a taxi-driver game where you pick up the various residents of Springfield and drive them all over. There are 6 large maps, and 30 different characters, each with their own car.


One or Two players, requires 248K, vibration and digital and analog pressure-sensitive control.

Looks ok in widescreen even though it doesn't seem to support it.

Rated T for mild language, suggestive themes and violence.


Unfortunately, most of the cars seem to handle almost identically, and all of them get stuck on obstacles too easily. There are 10 mini-missions to play as well. The level load time is also annoyingly long, making this game rather boring to play for an extended amount of time.

When picking up passengers, passengers almost always want to go to the same next destination, so once you learn the pattern, making money is very easy.

Two-player mode can be fun, since there's only one fare, and you have to steal them by ramming your opponent's car. Unfortunately its rather difficult to hit your opponent, due to the poor handling of the vehicles. Sometimes when you hit the opponent, the fare won't transfer, making it ammusingly frustrating.

This game may be more fun for younger players who love the Simpsons, and won't be bored by the long level load times.