dothack Grunty Breeding

A grunty is a cow-like animal that has a unique personality and ability in dothack. You raise grunties from babies by feeding them different types of food. Here is a list of the types of food, and what levels their stats need to be at before they hit 40 body size.

Grunty Food

Here is the food the grunties like to eat, where they're found, and the clues they give that let you know what they're eating.

NameFound AtClues
CordycepsWaterCold and spicy, big Buddha statue
Bear Cat Egg
Bloody EggFire WormTastes like blood, stomach of a monster
Golden EggDungeonPart of an important story
Grunt MintsFire, Lava fieldSquare face
Immature Egg Labrynth
Invisible EggFire, Lava caveCave
MandragoraWood, FieldPointy tower, windmill
MushroomWood, Mushroom
La PumpkinDarknessReally sweet, cocoons
Oh No MelonFire, SandSweet and round, barnacles
Piney ApplesWood, ForestCrispy and sweet, forest
Root VegetableEarth
Snakey CactusFire, CactusRibs of an ancient ocean
Twilight OnionFireRaw and Spicy, old weapon
White Cherry Very cold pillar

Here is the stat changes for each type of grunty food.

NameBody SizeBody OdorRebelBrutalityIntelligencePurity
Bear Cat Egg2-1-3123
Bloody Egg2130-3-1
Golden Egg200000
Grunt Mints104-4-2-1
Immature Egg2-3-1121
Invisible Egg2310-1-3
La Pumpkin1-3-2350
Oh No Melon131-110
Piney Apples10-454-2
Root Vegetable1-21202
Twilight Onion14-3-301
White Cherry1-10135

Grunty Types

Here's types of grunties I've grown, and their stats before they started asking for Golden Eggs.

NameBody OdorRebelBrutalityIntelligencePurity
Bony Grunty19813139
Bony Grunty155201111
Iron Grunty7121132