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Inline Optimization

Added a case study in using RubyInline to optimize a pure-ruby PNG library, Using RubyInline for Optimization.

DRb Introduction Presentation

Added my presentation on DRb at the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference to the DRb page.


My new snippet httpdump is a nifty way to spy on your neighbors' web traffic when they borrow your wireless network.

ruby-growl Bugfix

Well, its not my bug, its Apple's for cross-compiling Ruby. Anyhow, ruby-growl has been updated to 1.0.1 and now works on Tiger's Ruby 1.8.2 which has a bad implementation of Array#pack.


ruby-growl is a pure-Ruby Growl library and command-line tool. Growl allows you to send notifications to your desktop in a really cool way.

Cool Pages

You should check out the following pages. They're über-leet!

How to use Ruby's Rinda::RingServer
An article on how to use Rinda::RingServer to automatically locate DRb services. Masatoshi SEKI, the author of DRb and Rinda, said: good page. I linked your page. thanks a lot.
How to Setup and Administrate Kerberos
A guide to setting up Kerberos on FreeBSD 4.x written by Unfurl.
My Ruby, Web, Mozilla, FreeBSD, and other projects. My Mozilla projects have bitrotted severly. (I should do something about that.) But the Ruby projects are much more up-to-date.