dothack Mutation

dothack Mutation is part two of a four part RPG set in a MMORPG gone wrong. Parts of the game world are becoming corrupted, and people are going into comas. One of your friends has had this happen while playing the game, and you enter to find out what has happened to them.

Check out the Segment7 Guide to dothack which includes information on raising grunties and enemies found throughout the game..


One player, 12 named savegame slots, requires 706K, vibration and, analog control.

Support widescreen at 480p.

Included with the game is the a 45 minute anime movie that elaborates some of the background of the game. It doesn't contain any spoilers, so you can watch it before starting the game.

Rated T for mature sexual themes, mild language and violence.


dothack Mutation is identical to dothack Infection in all the basics. You can read up on them in my review of dothack Infection.

Mutation starts off right where you finished with dothack Infection. You have access to all the board topics, email and news items that you had when you finished dothack Infection. If you've imported your character, you get all those goodies too.

In addition to the theta and delta servers, you quickly gain access to the lambda server, featuring tougher new enemies to fight. Information on how to choose levels to gate into is provided early on the board, which will help if you're looking for experience or items.

That's all I've played so far.