Segment7 Guide to dothack

I really, really like the game dothack, even though I've only played Infection and Mutation. Since I like it so much, and I'm really annoyed that its hard for me to compare various types of equipment, I've written up this little guide to help me out. I hope you find it useful too.


Instead of magic, dothack has skills. I have a compilation of dothack skills and a description of their effects.


There are lots of items in dothack, and you can combine them in different ways to effect your character stats, including what skills your characters have available. To help you pick a proper assortment of equipment I've gathered up a bunch of the different items in dothack into a handy page.


There are a variety of enemies in dothack, and you can get a list of each enemy you have encountered in the Ryu Book IV. Unfortuanetly, you can only open this in town. If you wanted to data drain a particular item out of an enemy it gets rather frustrating. To fix this, I have a list of dothack enemies.

Grunty Breeding

Grunties are these pig/cow-like characters that you raise from babies with food you find on the fields scattered throughout The World. Grunty breeding explains where you can find grunty food, and how to raise the different types of grunties.