Sega GT 2002

Sega GT 2002 is a driving game with lots of cars, but a poor physics model.


One or two players, unlimited unnamed savegame slots, vibration, analog, and pressure-sensitive controls.

Supports widescreen TVs at 480i.

This version was bundled with Jet Set Radio Future.

Rated E.


While there are lots and lots of pretty cars, and they're all upgradable and customizable, the physics of driving don't feel quite right. For example, all four wheels of the car stay on the ground at all times. Cars never roll or flip over, and at worst, when a car collides with another car, it just comes to a standstill. They don't even bounce off of each other.

There are a variety of driving modes, including drag racing, several different lap courses, and one rally mode. Cars can be upgraded with a variety of parts including tires, suspension, weight reduction, turbo chargers, etc.

There are many minor annoyances with the game, for example after every race it immediately starts a replay, rather than giving a menu. If you select music from the Xbox hard drive it isn't remembered between sessions. So you have to select it every time.

If I hadn't gotten this game for free, I'd take it back to the store.