Xbox Games

The Xbox game console supports four controllers out of the box, and has an integrated ethernet interface. While it supports playing DVDs, you must buy a remote to use it as a DVD player. Its internal hard drive can be used to rip audio CDs, but I only have one game that allows you to play these tracks.

I bought the Monster Gamelink Cables for the Xbox, since it supports 480p, 720p, and 1080i output formats. Not all games support this, unfortunately.

I own only the smaller Xbox-s controllers, which are not as nice as the PS2's. they feature only two trigger buttons, 6 buttons for the right thumb, an analog stick for the each thumb, and a directional pad for the left thumb. The analog sticks are placed such that the right thumb is pointing at the left side of the controller, while the right thumb points straight up, which I find odd, but not entirely uncomfortable. Noise from vibration is noticable at certain lower frequencies, but is powerful.

Since the controllers are USB with a funky plug, I hope to make an adaptor, and use a PS2-styled USB controller with the Xbox. This project is currently awaiting funding.

Xbox Games

GameWidescreen SupportVideo ModesPlayersGenre
Dead or Alive 3yes480p1-4Fighting
Haloyes?1-16First Person Shooter
Jet Set Radio Future??1-4Action
Sega GT 2002yes480i1-2Driving
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicok480p1RPG