Playstation 2 Games

The Playstation 2 game console supports two controllers out of the box, and also has USB and firewire connections for peripherals. I bought the Monster Gamelink Cables for the PS2, and I use it as a DVD player. The PS2 only supports 480p in addition to the 480i mode of standard TVs unlike the Xbox. My model of PS2 also supports 480p output with component video cables.

The PS2 controller is very nice to hold, and has places lots of buttons at your fingertips. It is symetrical with four trigger buttons, there are four buttons for the right thumb, a directional pad for the left thumb, and two analog sticks. The vibration is very quiet and powerful.

Playstation 2 Games

GameWidescreen SupportVideo ModesPlayersGenre
Baldur's Gate Dark Allianceno480i1-2RPG
dothack Infectionyes480p1RPG
dothack Mutationyes480p1RPG
Grand Theft Auto IIIyes480i1RPG / Driving
Metal Arms - Glitch in the Systemno480i1-2Shooter
Simpsons Road Rageok480i1-2Driving
Tenchu Wrath of Heavenno480p1-2Action
Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Machtno480i1RPG

A note on widescreen support: 'yes' means the game explicitly supports widescreen format. 'good' means the game does not explicitly support widescreen, but looks good stretched, while 'ok' means the game does not explicitly support widescreen, and looks ok stretched.

Game Guides

Not nearly as cool as those walkthrough or game FAQ sites, but I've written up some of the things I found helpful, and I hope you will to.